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Najjar Residence

Najjar Residence


Baakline/Deir Dourit – Lebanon


2011-Construction Phase-On Hold


Mr. Ousama Najjar


Site Area
18,000 sqm


Built Up Area
1,760 sqm


Located on a very difficult land with an 80% terrain slope, the design is a revival of the "Old Heritage Architecture" expressed in a spacious 3 floors villa.

Florentine and Lebanese features characterized this "Heritage" Architecture mainly by the use of the typical Mandaloons, a kiosk, local arch-rules, fire place, decorative patterns, stone cladding, red tile roofing, etc…

The particularity of this residence is that it is a 55m long x 8 m deep structure which was dictated by the slope of the site mentioned here above. The Ground floor houses a main Liwan "open space used as reception area in the summer", main reception area, dining room, living room, guest bedroom and the master bedroom. The lower ground level houses the upper level of four duplexes, "children quarters", and the main kitchen and relevant functions. The lower level houses the lower level of the four duplexes, a common multipurpose room and a guard house.

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