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Collaboration with Samuel Creations - Hotels & Healthcare Interior Design Project

Rashed Hotel, Ibis & Adagio (Mohamadia), Ibis & Adagio (Alesayi), Hyatt Place (Jeddah), Hyatt Place (Riyadh), Jumeirah Hospital, Abu Dhabi Hospital, Hansa Hotel, Hyatt Place (KSA) and Rahsed Mall






Samuel Creations SC


In 2014, Unitec Consultants were awarded the Interior Design Development Package and Final Interior Detailed Design Package of several projects by Samuel Creations SC, the working relationship is ongoing and several projects have been successfully completed. Currently, works are ongoing on new projects. The Concept and Schematic Design Phases are prepared by Samuel Creations SC's team, afterwards, the Design Development and Detailed Final Design Phases are prepared by Unitec Consultant's team.

Listed hereafter are some of the Projects awarded by Samuel Creations to Unitec:

Rashed Hotel - KSA (Design completed)
Ibis and Adagio Hotel - Mohamadia - KSA (Design completed)
Ibis and Adagio Hotel - Alesayi - KSA (Design completed)
Hyatt Place - Jeddah - KSA (Design completed)
Hyatt Place - Riyadh - KSA (Design completed)
Jumeirah Hospital - Dubai - UAE (Design completed)
Abu Dhabi Hospital - Abu Dhabi - UAE (Design ongoing)
Hansa Hotel - Dubai - UAE (Design completed)
Hyatt Place - KSA (Design completed)
Rashed Mall - KSA (Design completed)

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