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Qatar Tower

Residential Tower




2015-Design Phase-On Hold




Site Area
4,000 sqm


Built Up Area
20,000 sqm


The Tower is comprised of 3 Basements, Ground Floor housing the building entrance and administrative offices, Partial Mezzanine Floor housing a gym overlooking the artificial water bed and changing rooms with direct access to the swimming pool, 18 Typical Floors with 3 types of Apartment, Type A: 3 Bedroom Apt, Type B: 2 Bedroom At and Type C: 2 Bedroom Apt, Floor 19 houses a Restaurant with a separate entrance for staff and public from the ground floor, Floors 20 & 21 house two Duplex Penthouses and Floor 22 houses the Building Services - Electro-Mechanical.

The concept is to have all the receptions of the different type of Apartments facing the sea view and locating the Bedrooms and the building services on the back side. This is accomplished by creating 3 separate vertical elements, each designed for a specific type of Apartment. These 3 vertical elements are spaced from each other in order to allow for maximum illumination of all components of each type of apartments. Furthermore, this configuration allows natural daylight to all of the floors lobbies.

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