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Bzebdine Residence 99

Bzebdine Residence 99


Bzebdine – Lebanon


2015-Construction Phase


Mr. Ramzi Modad


Site Area
1,466 sqm


Built Up Area
840 sqm


An old house built in 1936 built by Client's father is located on the plot in Bzebdeen. The client wishes to, at least preserve the old entrance of the existing house, and proposed that the new villa be designed in the spirit of the 1920-1940 houses. As such two proposals were developed by Unitec-Consultants.

In the first option, the new design was developed around a Stone Central Hall volume, which is a dominant component of the Old Lebanese Architecture. The new elements added around this Central Hall are built with light wood structure where the new areas of the villa are lodged (Parking, Kitchen, Guest Bedroom, First floor comprising of a Master bedroom, two bedrooms and a Family room.)
The dominant material used is the existing old stone extracted from the old house, furthermore, the main entrance details, arched door and two arched windows, are preserved in their original condition and proportion. As such, the concept was to preserve the main elements of the old existing house (Stone Central Hall and Entrance details) and to add to it the additional functions and expansions required by the Client in a light merging material.

The second option was developed taking into account the spirit of the houses built between 1920 and 1940. The only features preserved from the existing structure are the main entrance details. The dominant new features added are the typical five arches overlooking the valley. The materials used are the traditional stone cladding and the red tiles pitched roof.

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