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Wata El Joz 285/1715 Residence

Wata El Joz 285/1715 Residence


Wata El Joz – Lebanon




Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nehian


Site Area
16,000 sqm


Built Up Area
2,365 sqm


The plot is located on a mountain hill of a ski resort with a 35% terrain slope. The spacious Villa is composed of a basement level containing the garage and the main service areas, a ground floor level containing the reception area, indoor Swimming pool and six bedrooms, and a second floor containing eight additional bedrooms.

The Design is based on free forms that are molded into the existing terrain. In the first option the main element is a planted curved structure forming the reception area on which the additional free form elements rest. The second option is composed of several connected rectangular elements, the two main elevations have opposite languages, the entrance elevation is practically blind while the elevation facing the valley is completely open.

The main finishing materials used in both proposals are white painted concrete with wooden horizontal strips, in the second proposal a brass Mousharabia (Clostra) in used in the entrance elevation to bring in only day light.

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