Khalil Residence

A revival of the "Old Heritage Architecture" expressed in a spacious 3 floors villa overlooking the beautiful Damour sea coast.

Florentine, Islamic and Lebanese features characterize this "Heritage" Old Lebanese Architecture mainly by the use of the typical Mandaloons, kiosks, local arch-rules, fire place, decorative patterns, stone cladding, red tile roofing, etc… adding as such a local flavor to the graceful lines and imposing character of this type of Architecture.

M. Khalil Residence featured in "Beirut Interiors – The Art of Living" a book by Mr. Hani J. Samaha under the title "The Scent of Glamour". The Interior Design was developed by an Interior Designer appointed by the Client.

The residence featured as well on all of the Brochures and Billboards of the Mechref Club for their promotion campaign and in "Al Balad" Newspaper dated January 2, 2004.