Unitec Consultants is a design firm committed to producing innovative residential architectural projects, providing expertise in consultation, in addition to several urbanism servicing, building renovations and refits.


Founded in 1971 by Walid Takieddine and registered on October 5, 1971 under No. 25502. The firm was transformed in 2015 to an SARL company where two (2) new Partners were introduced, Adel Takieddine, as Operations Manager/Design Director and Dana Hachem as Interior Design Director. In 2014, Unitec Consultants SAL (offshore) was registered as a sister company to Unitec Consultants SARL and is only involved in the design of Projects located Outside of Lebanon.


The first project designed by UNITEC in Lebanon- a 1300 sqm Villa on a 1200 sqm private property of Mr S. Alamuddine in Shimlan-, was a chance for Walid Takieddine to thoroughly deepen his research, develop and revive an Architectural style, making UNITEC the ultimate pioneer in Old Heritage architecture in 1971.The Alamuddine Villa gained numerous acclaims, and was selected by Monday Morning Magazine as one of "Five Dream Houses in Lebanon". A success that opened to Walid Takieddine the door to numerous other projects in which he incorporated the spirit of the Old Heritage with its striking beauty and unique allure, with the strong belief that reviving this style, almost forgotten, should be a must. An initiative with evident flair, that made UNITEC become synonymous with “Old Heritage” style in local Architecture giving the bureau its own identity, and launching an era of influence for other residential projects over the years.


Today, UNITEC Consultants is proud to be rated in Category One as Building Consultants by the Ministry of Public Works since 1984. The same recognition was granted to the bureau in 1995, by the Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR).


Walid Takieddine, Managing Director.


Born in Lebanon in 1940, Walid Takieddine pursued his studies in the United States of America where he graduated from Louisiana State University in 1965. During that year, he moved to Iraq and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where he was employed and participated in a series of major successful projects.


In 1971, he decided to return to Lebanon to settle and establish Unitec Consultants. He was appointed in 1992 as a member of the Board of Directors of the Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR), whose main objective was to launch and develop a reconstruction plan for the country after years of war. He held this position till 1998.


Walid Takieddine was appointed to represent CDR at the Board of Founders of Solidere during its foundation period from December 1992 till May 1994 for the reconstruction and development of Beirut Central District (BCD). In 1993, he was selected as a Member of the Advisory Committee for the Prize Awarding Jury of the International Competition launched by Solidere for the reconstruction of Beirut Souks.


In 1996 Unitec Consultants won the competition for the extension of Banque du Liban. Unitec led a team of Architects and Engineers to develop this prestigious project. In 2000 Unitec was again selected to restore the existing Municipality Building in the Down Town area of Beirut, and the task was successfully completed in 2002.


Currently he is still the Managing Director of Unitec Consultants


Adel Takieddine, Operations Manager/Design Director.


Born in Lebanon in 1975, Adel Takieddine graduated from L'Academie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA) with a Diplome d'Etudes Superieures en Architecture (DES).


He joined Dar Al Handasah (Shair and Partners) where he worked as Design Architect from 2001 to 2004 in their offices in Beirut. In 2004, Adel was transferred to Dar Al Handasah's offices in Dubai, UAE, where he filled the position of Architect/Project Coordinator, in 2008, he was promoted to the position of Senior Architect/Project Manager where he was entrusted with various prestigious projects in the UAE.


In 2010, Adel decided to return to Lebanon where he joined Unitec Consultants.


Dana Hachem, Interior Design Director


Born in 1970, Dana Hachem graduated from the Lebanese American University (LAU) Lebanon, with a BA in Interior Design in 1993.


After Graduation, Dana joined Mr. Serge Brunst where she worked as an Interior Designer on several projects. In 1997, she joined Bureau Pierre-Yves Rochon (Dar Al Handasah Shair and Partners) were she worked as a Senior Interior Designer and FF&E specialist. In 2004, she had several personal projects as a freelancer and in parallel she started working on project basis for Unitec.


In 2014, she became a Partner in both Unitec Consultants SARL and Unitec Consultants SAL (offshore)